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High School Advisement Webinar (Students Only)

January 29 @ 10:40 am - 11:40 am MST

Dear HS Advisement Team,

This Friday is the last in a 3 part series on Career Discovery, and helping students think about who they are, what is important to them, what interests them, etc. (we try to emphasize the Discovery part…)

This week we would like to offer you a few options, as an Advisement teacher.

Option 1. After taking attendance, send the students that want to share their Personal Passion Profile to this ZOOM. You do not need to send everyone, just the students that want to go. Please ask your students who wants to share their PPP with others.

Option 2. Work on Personal Passion Profiles with your Advisement students, or a “Personal Paragraph”. We use these paragraphs to help match our students with Industry Experts. Descriptions of PPP and the Paragraph are below, if you want to look at this option.

Option 3. Play a game with your students, or just chat, or if you have a better way to connect, do that! Advisement should have some Fun involved in it! We did Code Names one time in TSA, and it was super fun, and worked well with a big group. There are some other great games out there…

Optional reading below this point…
OPTIONAL READING IF YOU WANT TO DO Personal Passion Profiles or a Career Discovery Paragraph with your students.

Personal Passion Profile
Here is the link to the Personal Passion Profile presentation, it will show you some examples, and the types of things we think students should consider putting in their PPP. Suggested content starts around slide 9.


In an effort to match student interests to subject matter experts for menternships and internships, we have found student paragraph’s helpful. Together with the STEM Career Discovery Application and the Passion Personality Profiles created in the last two Advisory periods, the paragraphs help business and industry leaders understand students’ interests. 

Beyond just a career, these paragraphs can be a window into what motivates the student, and what the student has done to prepare to succeed in their career, life, and other interests.  

Write a paragraph describing your interests, possible career ideas, and what you have done to research your life’s goals. Your paragraph helps industry partners understand your motivation, dreams for your future, what you have done to advocate for your interests, and what you will do to accomplish your goals.   

The STEM Career Discovery team sees great value in using your paragraph to find the best mentorship and internship for you.  


     I have had a passion for the molecular world for as long as I can remember! I found tranquility in perceiving the world through a microscopic lens; the thought of everything we see, touch, and feel arising from mere atomic collisions comforts me.  

     My overactive curiosity could never seem to get enough knowledge about the Central Dogma in Biology. I spent countless hours reading articles and watching informative TED Talks regarding advances on the cellular level in biotechnology; I became obsessed with wanting to find the answers to the numerous questions my curiosity sparked me to form: What if the code to molecular biology and medicine is engraved in an organism’s epigenetics instead of its linear nucleotide sequence? How can harnessing this power allow us to modify the genetic blueprint of foreign pathogens along with regulatory issues within our own code? These components eventually sparked my passion to pursue the tangled yet beautiful world of cellular medicine and genetics! 

     I have performed well in multiple analytical college and AP level courses throughout highschool, held several officer positions in diverse clubs, and I am always eager to expand my knowledge. These experiences have equipped me with collaborative and evaluative skills ideal for a research based environment. 


January 29
10:40 am - 11:40 am MST


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