Raina Wedeward

Raina Wedeward

About Me

I am delighted to spend another year at STEM, teaching and innovating alongside my students. If I am your child’s teacher, I will be excited to meet you and your family this year- getting to know each other and doing all I can to help your student achieve and grow! If I do not get the pleasure of teaching your child- I hope to still meet and become a friendly face your child sees at school! Nonetheless, I would love to share some things about me so you know me better!

I grew up in West Bend, Wisconsin and was not only educated by some wonderful private and public school teachers, but also two loving parents who gave me life education via Girl Scouts (from mom), helping fix up cars and motorcycles (from dad), and being an active volunteer in our community. When I graduated high school I decided on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and studied French. After realizing my calling was educating young children, I transferred to the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse and studied there. I got my first job teaching First Grade in a nearby town, Arcadia, WI. I loved living by the Mississippi River and enjoyed fishing, running, and actually met my boyfriend, Cody there, too.

However, being an adventure seeker, I decided to fulfill a longtime dream of mine- to live in Montana. I toured and interviewed in many beautiful places, sleeping out of my car with a travel buddy friend, but ultimately chose Red Lodge, MT. There I taught First Grade at a small, rural school and got many opportunities to do professional development for all things Literary. I also got to teach K-6 Art and put on the First Annual Roberts School Art Show for the community to attend. In Montana, learned how to ski, much to the delight of Cody who snowboards and he visited MT often. I think back on this year fondly and visit as often as I can.

When the year ended, Cody and I decided to move to Colorado to pursue our careers together. He got a job at Xcel Energy and travels to work on substations, and I got this job at STEM School. We live in Golden and have a pet bunny named Zeppelin. Since we have moved here we have enjoyed skiing, camping, and I LOVE all the trail systems around Golden for running and hiking.

My goal as I head into my next years teaching First Grade is to learn more about the engineering process and lean into Problem Based Learning (PBLs) as a bigger part of my teaching pedagogy. I truly love teaching the First Grade age- an age where students are bright and ready to soak up any and all knowledge. I love being their guide and giving them a peaceful and innovative environment where they can get excited to learn. I also know children yearn (knowingly or not) for routine and rules and help make these for them as well. In my class, my children learn the importance of respect for all people and things, and they learn that what is unique about us all is something to be cherished and celebrated. I cannot wait for another year of innovating at STEM. Please reach out for anything and I will do my best! Don’t be a stranger 🙂

Peace and Love,

Ms. Wedeward