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Simi Basu

Simi Basu

Simi Basu

Welcome to the STEM School Highlands Ranch

My name is Simi Basu and I am the middle school computer science teacher and CyberPatriot Coach. This is my fourth year at Stem and it’s a privilege to be part of such a positive and innovative school.  I am thrilled to be working with such an amazing group of staff, students, and parents. I am a teacher who is passionate about computer science , technology and cybersecurity. Here is a little background about me.

I moved to Colorado five years back from Scottsdale, Arizona. I studied Bachelors in Science from University of Delhi, India. After that, I completed my Masters in Information Technology from KSU University and Masters in Business Administration in IT , India.

I moved to the United States 13 years ago.

Prior to teaching, I worked with IBM and other software companies for 13 years on innovative and cutting-edge technologies. This helps me to inspire kids to reach further than they think they can and prepare them for jobs that don’t exist yet. I prefer challenging students with real-world projects and motivate them to try new things and share new ideas. I enjoy creating curriculum that challenges their minds and engages them to their full potential. I bring in my talent and zeal to the classroom and school, and have facilitated the Cyber Patriot Competitions where students learn ethical hacking. I have also led Gaming Development Club , Girls Who Code and Cyber Security Clubs and K-12 Cyber Curriculum. I am working with Women in CyberSecurity organization to close the cybersecurity workforce gap.

I am also involved in various projects in the SYNK, which will help students explore new opportunities in the world of computers and technology, thereby broadening their global perspective to what the future holds for them. With my industry partnership our students get an opportunity to go for various field trips like Google, Women In AV, Visa, Oracle, CyberSecurity Workshop and get the real world experience.

I strive to make a difference by teaching tomorrow’s decision makers and innovators.

My life outside school revolves around my family. I have been married for 16 years and am a proud mom of two amazing boys. I love my Shiba Inu. In my free time I love working out and spending time with friends.