A look at STEM’s Career Discovery Program

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Did you know that STEM School Highlands Ranch has a program specifically designed to help students find and launch their careers?  It’s called Career Discovery, and Jessica Connelly, STEM’s Career Discovery Coordinator says now is a great time for students to enroll.

“Career Discovery is STEM’s unique program that allows students to pursue their post-secondary goals and interests while still in high school,” Connelly said.  “Under the Career Discovery umbrella is P-Tech, concurrent enrollment, internships, mentorships, and CareerWise.”

Many STEM students and alumni have found great success with the internships and mentorships that are available.

“So really, just anything the student is interested in, we have students right now at VISA, and Lockheed Martin, Panther Industries, Frontier Airlines,” she said.  “We’re starting a new branch of the internships this semester in healthcare and a lot of students have enrolled in that and are excited to pursue it.”

CareerWise Colorado is an organization that helps you ‘earn while you learn’, where students get trained and paid to work in a business while they are still earning high school credit.

“It’s a three-year commitment,” Connelly pointed out. “They have pathways in business, IT, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and lots of different things.”

To submit your application for CareerWise, click the link below.


To see the full interview with Jessica Connelly, play the video below.

For more information about Career Discovery, CareerWise, or any of the other options for students, you can email Jessica Connelly at jessica.connelly@stemk12.org.


Jeff Maher

Communications Manager at STEM.

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