A Message from Dr Eucker and Dr Weyman

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On Monday afternoon, Dr Leanne Weyman, supported by Dr Penny Eucker, announced that she will be leaving STEM School Highlands Ranch to take on an exciting role as the Regional Vice President of Charter Schools. Below is a letter to the community from Dr Eucker, as well as Dr Weyman, on how Transition Plan that has been put in place to ensure that STEM will continue to thrive and succeed. 

 If you have any questions regarding the Transition Plan, please feel free to submit via our Feedback Form.

A Message from Dr Penny Eucker:

Dear STEM School Highlands Ranch Families,

Dr. Leanne Weyman has been a tremendous leader at STEM for the past eight years. She was hired at the end of the first tumultuous year in 2012 where the entire leadership team resigned. She was unfazed and began her long tenure as a key member of the leadership team building the most powerful K-12 learning lab in Colorado.

STEM is proud to have been part of her leadership growth trajectory and her new organization will be the beneficiary of her wisdom and dedication.

STEM is grateful to Dr. Weyman and wishes her well in her new role. She will continue to be a part of the STEM community leading the Charter Principal Induction Program at STEM as well as being a resource during the transition.

I know we all feel she is irreplaceable and that is true. Dr. Weyman is one of a kind. She is a champion of distributed leadership and nurtured a cadre of next generation leaders. All are motivated to serve faculty who serve students. Dr. Weyman is confident that STEM leadership will remain strong with her departure. That is her legacy.

Dr. Weyman has been an inspirational leader at STEM. I knew she was ready to lead and celebrate her next level of career growth. Dr. Weyman is wise beyond her years and STEM is grateful for the gifts she abundantly provided our school over the years. One of her highest gifts is the development of next-level leaders. She will always be part of the STEM community and my trusted advisor.

Who We Are

  • Never Stop Innovating guides all work at STEM. The teacher-created instructional model using problem based learning, maximizes student growth spanning K-12.
  • This instructional model requires an exceptional faculty.
  • All resources are allocated to support STEM’s faculty to Never Stop Innovating.

What We Believe

  • Humans are most creative when they feel safe and valued.
  • STEM is a think tank, a learning lab, and a catalyst for creativity.
  • STEM empowers students to lead with confidence and character.

How We Will Move Forward

STEM leadership will continue to serve our faculty who nurture our students to maximize their potential. The realignment of responsibilities holds this as our highest priority after safety.

The current leadership team will examine and distribute responsibilities to those most skilled and passionate about the needed role. Long ago, STEM moved away from titles to responsibilities aligned with skills and passion. With Dr. Weyman’s departure, there will be a recalibration of these roles and responsibilities.

It is not anticipated that STEM will launch a national search and hire her replacement. Instead, her responsibilities will be distributed to the team allowing for professional growth of each team member.

A gap analysis will open new roles for the next generation of leaders. Keeping a growth pipeline of future leaders is necessary for the health of the organization.

Thank you for your continued commitment to STEM.


P.J. Eucker PhD, Executive Director

A Message from Dr Weyman

Dear STEM School Highlands Ranch Families, 

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that I will be leaving STEM School Highlands Ranch to pursue an opportunity that will allow for me to grow and learn within the area of Charter School Leadership. I have accepted a position as Regional Vice President of Charter Schools and my last day at STEM will be Friday, September 11. I have had the most incredible experience in my eight years as a part of the STEM community and I appreciate all that each of you taught me as we navigated many years together.  

We have established a transition team that I believe will enable STEM to continue on its upward trajectory.  Using data from staff feedback surveys, administrative surveys as well as several other data sources, we have thought hard about matching skills and experiences with each of the vacated roles. Our team is extraordinarily skilled and I ask that you please give them grace as they transition to their new roles and passion areas.  In addition, I will continue to serve as an advisor throughout the transition process.  Although I am moving into a new position, I am committed to creating a smooth transition for STEM teachers, families and students.

I am so grateful to each of you for the opportunity to learn and grow together as a STEM community.  Although we have certainly had our trying times as well as our celebrations, I know that STEM School Highlands Ranch has one of the most supportive and engaged communities in the nation.  Thank you for being advocates for your children, your teachers, your staff and your school.  Keep advocating, keep asking the tough questions that make us all better and keep supporting our teachers today, tomorrow and every day.  They are truly the foundation of our school.

Thank you for all that you do and I hope I have the opportunity to chat with you before my departure.  


Leanne Weyman, EdD

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