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July 31 & August 5 Return-to-School Plans

September 18 Return to In-Person Learning (Elementary School) Update

What informed the STEM BOD’s directive?

  • Governor Jared Polis directive and guidance for schools to remain open if they can. (Back-to-School Task Force)
  • On November 11, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, in accordance with Governor Jared Polis, shared a report that outlined the following “…public health data that reveals that, in general, schools have been able to mitigate the disease by implementing school guidance. Strategies such as cohorting, mask wearing, and disease investigation seem to be working to prevent school outbreaks. Students in grades K-8 are at a lower risk for in-school transmission than high school students.”
  • STEM Community Surveys

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STEM's 2020-21 COVID Timeline

May 2020

Selected admin met to identify keys areas of focus to work on over the summer (health safety, facility improvements, staffing, procedures, etc.)

June 2020

Asked for feedback from families and staff on what they’d like to see for the 2020-21 School Year.

Early July 2020

Developed three Draft Academic Plans based on the feedback collected from families and staff, and requested families provide data on their learning preference.

Late July 2020

The Teacher Committee and Leadership Team used the Learning Preference data, along with the recommendations by DCSD to finalize plans. Return-to-Learn Plan is announced to entire community.

August 2020

STEM announces update to Return-to-Learn PlanStaff and students returned to in-person learning on August 24.

September 2020

On September 2, the first COVID Case is reported in Middle School and students/staff were quarantined. STEM announces plans to bring K-5 students back with a Progressive Rollout via the Elementary Return-to-In-Person Learning Plan.

October 2020

On October 2, the second COVID Case is reported in Middle School and students/staff were quarantined. Following Fall Break, students in grades K-5 are attending 4-days a week, with some students remaining virtual.

Early November 2020

November 11 & 12 three total COVID Cases reported (2-ES, 1-HS) and students/staff were quarantined; BOD announced on November 13 that STEM would remain open for remaining three weeks. 


Late November 2020

On November 26 & 30, two total COVID Cases were reported (1-MS, 1-HS); BOD takes Dr Eucker’s recommendation to go remote for remaining three weeks of the semester and states intentions for STEM to return to in-person in January.

December 2020

K-12 is remote for remaining three weeks of Fall Semester; Leadership Team begins work on plans for returning to in-person learning for January. STEM announces plans to community for the return to in-person learning.

January 2021

STEM returned to in-person learning on January 5, continuing to offer Hybrid and Virtual options for families; On January 14 & 19, two total COVID Cases were reported (1-HS, 1-Staff Member). On January 27, one COVID-19 case was reported (1-HS).