About the Plan

As Dr Eucker shared multiple times since the end of July, STEM’s ultimate goal has been, and will be, to safely return to full time in-person learning as soon as feasibly possible. Dr Weyman also shared during the Parent Q&A that we would follow DCSD’s directive of evaluating returning to in-person learning following Labor Day. STEM began the evaluation process following Labor Day and began putting into motion the steps needed to accomplish it safely.

Grades K-2

Starting Monday, Sept. 21

Starting on Monday, Sept. 21, we will welcome back students in grades K-2 that have signed up on the official sign-up form (not the feedback form) that was emailed on Wednesday, Sept. 16. If you did not sign up using that form, please continue to follow your normal Academic Plan. Instructions are included in the PDF.

Grade 3

Starting Monday, Sept. 28

Start on Monday, Sept. 28, we will welcome back students in grade 3 to four-day in-person learning that sign up using the form below.

Grade 4-5

Starting Monday, Oct. 19

Starting on Monday, Oct. 19, we will welcome back students in grades 4-5 to four-day in-person learning that sign-up using the form below.

Why the Progressive Rollout

We are NOT following DCSD’s plan to return to five-day a week in-person learning starting on October 19.
  • We want to be as safe as possible while responding to the needs of our families.
  • We also want to make the transition for our staff as smooth as possible.
  • A progressive rollout allows for us to accomplish and meet the needs of both parties.
  • Additionally, portions of the teachers’ schedules on Fridays allows for professional development to improve their instructional offerings, as well as making the original content that they are using in their instruction (videos/assignments). 
    • Taking that time away would not allow for them to provide the both in-person and Virtual/Online learners with a similar learning experience.
Tri-County Interactive Data Map

What do I do if...

I need to change my Academic Plan after I’ve already completed the Sign-Up Form?

To change your Academic Plan, please email Stephanie Webb (Stephanie.Webb@stemk12.org) the week prior to allow for the change to take effect.

I didn’t meet the deadline to sign-up and the form is now closed?

Your student will need to start the following week in your current Academic Plan. You will need to email Stephanie Webb (Stephanie.Webb@stemk12.org) to request a change in your Academic Plan and wait for her to follow up with you.

I received an email from my student’s LSS/ELD teacher?

Follow the instructions outlined outlined in the email. Our Elementary LSS and ELD teachers have been reaching out to families whose student’s IEP indicate that four-day in-person learning is needed.

My student has their supply kit at home?

Students who received supply kits for at-home work need to bring them with them to school for in-person work.

Preparing for Monday

Be prepared to use the PikMyKid App to pick up your student.

  • Review the Transportation Management Plan and how our West Driveline process.
    • Please come to pick up your student at the appropriate time for your student(s)’s grade level.
      • K-1 Grades Only – 2:20 p.m.
      • 2-5 Grades (with K-1 sibling) – 2:30 p.m.
      • K-5 with Secondary Sibling – 2:55 p.m.
  • Watch the helpful videos in our Parent Newsletter.
  • Please make sure that you’ve set up the app prior to arriving.
    • We would love to assist you, however we cannot slow down our driveline and will not be able to help you set it up.
    • Email communications@stemk12.org with PikMyKid questions.
  • Make sure to designate your Pick-Up Mode and your Delegates (if necessary) prior to 1:45 p.m. each day.
    • West Driveline Pick-Up Mode – ALL students being picked up by car 
    • Walker – Meeting your student at the ES Doors
    • Sibling Pick-Up – ES students with Secondary Siblings that are walking
  • Click here to access the PikMyKid page on our website that should answer all your questions. 

We Need You!!

In order for us to welcome back more of our students in-person, we need Parent Volunteers for Outside lunchroom, recess and driveline.

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