Aerospace PLC / April 8, 2020 (4:30 pm)

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On April 8th at 4:30 pm we were host to the third in a series of meetings with Lockheed Martin.  Darin Bolthouse from Lockheed Martin’s CHIL (Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory) was be the presenter.  *See below for details.


The idea of this series is to start connecting teachers with industry partnerswho are willing to embark on projects with your students.  These discussions are to introduce you with people at Lockheed Martin who are wanting to work with educators and introduce your students to the world of aerospace and engineering.  



One of the largest virtual reality (VR) laboratories of its kind, Lockheed Martin’s CHIL enables collaboration between product design and manufacturing teams before physically designing and producing hardware or building facilities.


*Darin Bolthouse is the Manager of Collaborative Human Immersive Lab (CHIL) in Littleton, Colorado.  The CHILis an advanced Virtual Reality (VR) center at Lockheed Martin for the design, production, and operation of space systems such as the next generation GPSIII satellitesand the Orion human spaceflight vehicle.  
Darin has managed the CHIL lab since it opened in 2011.  Prior to Lockheed Martin, his background includes 15 years in the automotive industry.  Working for General Motors, his responsibilities spanned from assembly line design to standing up new assembly plants for future vehicle programs.  After 8 years with General Motors, he worked as a manufacturing consultant focused on improving production operations through the use of advanced modeling and simulation for companies including Toyota, Honda, Harley Davidson, and Tesla Motors.  
He is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Master of Information Management Degree from Washington University in St. Louis

To get the most out of this, I would ask that you come prepared.  Take a look at the job description above. Check out the links belowand come up with a few questions to ask during the session.  
If you then want to try and get together with one or more of the people that we introduce you too and connect them with your class for a session or two, we will work with you to get that organized.


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Emma Richardson
Distance Learning Coordinator
Gregg Cannady D.M.A.
Collaboration and Concept Development|STEM School Highlands Ranch


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