All Careers for a Green Economy

We invited high school students and teachers to an environmental science workshop linking future careers with the goal of a GREEN ECONOMY
When: June 3, 2020
Time: 2:00 pm MST


 In the midst of COVID and daunting environmental challenges, how do we envision and create a better world by connecting environmental principles to ALL Careers to create a “Green Economy?”


Disruptions in our education and daily routines present us with new opportunities to understand how Earth’s living systems work and how our human systems fit in.  Join Martin Ogle, founder of Entrepreneurial Earth, for an inspiring session to explore how we change the world through our individual careers and through collective action.  We’ll use a set of “Life Principles Symbols” to jumpstart our creativity.


E Earth


Participating students and teachers from Belize have already implemented innovative environmental practices in their schools.   


Thank you Beatrice Arnold-Geban: Author, Educator, Teacher Trainer 

Associate Teacher Trainer

Pathlight International, 

Belize City, Belize

Why ALL Careers?
Beatrice Arnold-Geban noted that COVID-19 has brought about some changes that will help the environment. 
Principal Paul’s Entrepreneurial Spirit at Excelsior HS (Belize City)
Another idea from Paul involves agriculture and entrepreneurship. Creating a green economy starts with a great idea; implemented by those with passion and determination. 
Clubs in sustainability, environment, and agriculture are an important link to a green economy. 
Let’s communicate and ALL work together.
  • Rural to Urban
  • Country to Country
  • ALL Career
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