Anna Magle-Haberek: Looking Back, and Looking Forward

Director's Update

One of my favorite things about STEM is our mission to “Never Stop Innovating”. The first few months of school have helped us to live this mission more than ever before. As I look back over the first few months of school, I am so impressed with the hard work and diligence of our students and staff members as we navigate through these unprecedented challenges in education.

I think about the art classes I have been in, watching students create color wheels from found items at home, the theater classes that have seen students in person acting with students at home, students engaging in social studies debate groups in person and online, students at home coding in-game design paired with small groups of students on zoom..I could keep going, but as I look back at all of the amazing things our staff and students are learning, creating, and the problems they are solving, I am so impressed and amazed at their ingenuity.

Some things looking back have been challenging – at the Middle School level, we have had two positive COVID cases this fall. When we learned of the first one in September, we followed directions from medical professionals and were able to adjust and pivot to support our students and staff. We were able to learn from the first one and when we learned, a month later, of the second unrelated case, we were able to refine systems we had used prior to adapt quicker and ensure we were keeping all of our students and staff safe while maximizing learning.

As I look forward to our next few months of school, we have a number of exciting things coming up. Our digital art classes are working hard on creating a virtual interactive showcase that our eighth graders can use to explore and learn about STEM High School. Our students and teachers continue to get more comfortable with teaching students in a variety of formats. We will continue to try new things and learn in new ways. I am so excited to see what is to come.

Have a great weekend!


Anna Magle-Haberek, Interim Middle School Director

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