Big Projects ahead at STEM School Highlands Ranch

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STEM is finally ready to complete the master plan that was first introduced to our community several years ago. It is gratifying to provide STEM students with a CHSAA-quality gym that includes a performance stage and lighting, two new engineering labs, a new middle school cafeteria, and a playground for grades 3-5. Also included is the build-out of the new P-Tech building for cybersecurity, mechatronics, and health careers.

The STEM board has contributed countless volunteer hours in preparation for the Wall Street bond offering. The STEM story is so powerful that the investment banking firm (Ziegler) selected through a competitive process, anticipates a record offering. What contributes to this powerful story for investor confidence? Student achievement data, stability of leadership and board, investment-grade rating by Moody’s reflecting best in class finances, positive relationship with the authorizer, positive parent involvement, diversity and inclusion, and so much more. The STEM story is remarkable.

STEM anticipates breaking ground in November. The entire project will take about 18 months and we are working with our contractors to ensure that construction will work around our school schedules to provide as little impact to operations as possible.

Construction Project Demo

STEM has a committee to provide oversight of the project. This committee will report out to the STEM board on the progress and any issues encountered along the way. Two board members serve on this committee.

STEM is powerfully positioned to seize opportunities for growth and replication. Completing the master plan for the flagship campus is a critical step. Serving our current students is a priority as STEM looks to replicate in Sterling Ranch and other communities in need of a quality school to maximize student potential.

To help us accomplish our goal of replication, we’ve welcomed Dr. Carletta Stewart to our team. Dr. Stewart spoke at our commencement ceremony last year, sharing her inspiring story of being a woman in the military. As our Compliance and Replication Officer, Dr. Stewart will be tasked with compiling and submitting our application within DCSD for replication, while handling all of our compliance matters.

Welcome to STEM! Dr. Carletta Stewart

Thank you for your continued support to provide a world-class education for your children while simultaneously supporting the same opportunities for children in other communities.

Happy National Hispanic Month,

P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

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