Congratulations Class of 2022; STEM Traditions

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The Class of 2022 graduated on Thursday with a perfect commencement ceremony filled with good wishes and great stories. The stands were full of parents, siblings, extended family and even some current STEM underclassmen to watch our graduates take those next steps into their future. If you weren’t able to be there, or watch the live stream, you can watch the event below.

Preparing for graduation made me think a lot about what makes a tradition. Graduation is a tradition for all high schools as the primary goal to transition to the next phase of life. Unique traditions and rituals at STEM are where we create special memories for our students.

Our students tell us that some of the more memorable rituals and traditions K-12 include the first-grade marketplace, fifth-grade reenactment of the Revolutionary War with the battle at Chatfield, Snow Mountain Ranch, Keystone Science School learning snow science, Sea Camp in San Diego, the seventh-grade Holocaust virtual Museum PBL, eighth-grade Boston trip, the many annual middle and high school competitions including TSA, FBLA, DECA, Robotics and others, the annual STEM’s Got Talent show and productions of music, art and theater.

What are some of the STEM Traditions that you most value? Share them with us at

The matrix of these rituals and traditions has some gaps for certain grades. Travel abroad came to halt with COVID. In fact, a trip was canceled to the United Kingdom days before departure as countries were locking down. It might be time to consider travel again for our high school students so that they can get that language and culture immersion experience.

Nothing at STEM is ever fixed. Students and staff are always looking at innovation to improve our delivery for students. It is dynamic and open to the improvement of experiences.

Listening to our students at graduation, they reflected on what was most meaningful for them over the years. It was time with their friends and teachers as they shared experiences. They appreciated the struggle of challenging classes that positioned them for success in college. Building significant rituals and traditions into our K-12 matrix will ensure each year increases the bonding and great memories.

Congratulation to the Class of 2022!

P.J. Eucker PhD

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