Drones and Probes

Drones and Probes

National Junior Honor Society’s

Student-Led Rural-Urban Collaboration

Dec. 5, 2018


What started as a NJHS idea for homework club for STEM students ended up being the beginning of a rural-urban collaboration. After short introductions, the momentum increased, the energy surged, and ideas flowed faster than anyone could have predicted.  
The students found a shared passion for learning and solving real problems.  As it turns out, working together with both an urban perspective and a rural perspective is better than working separately. 

Student Perspectives 

Kelsie (8th grade): I think the meeting went great. Even though it was small and between us and one other person, I believe that it is a crucial step towards what’s to come, which will be HUGE. We learned so much about how the rural school community is like and there’s still so many questions I have. When we first started this project, I didn’t think it would grow to this big idea of sharing projects and working on them together to create something incredible. As Anjali said, once we begin collaborating, the sky will be the limit.  


Tate (rural Eastern Colorado student): I live in the middle of no where. I come up with amazing ideas that can help agriculture and improve our lifestyle except the only drawback is that I don’t have the resources needed to accomplish these ideas. With collaboration with STEM and their students, together we CAN make a difference in the place that feeds the world. Together, we are going to change the world.
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