Engineering Stream Restoration

The collaboration between Dr. Neely Clapp (STEM middle school science) and professional engineer Zak Humbles from Douglas County had all the ingredients for success.
  • Passionalte Teacher
  • Prepared Students 
  • Plan for Sustainable Learning
  • Subject Matter Experts
We are so thankful that Bill Vanderpoel and Zac Humbles took the time to plan a meaningful collaboration with 7th-grade science students at STEM School Highlands Ranch. The students knew that their ideas and solutions would be taken seriously and might be used on the Plum Creek Restoration Project.
The success of this collaboration lies in the planning and vision. The goal was always a sustainable, real-world collaboration.
Here is a LINK to the powerpoint prepared by Zak and Bill.
Here is a LINK that Dr. Clapp used to prepare and guide student ideas and solutions. 
We look forward to the next steps as Plum Creek, Douglas County Conservation District, The CALF at Lowell Ranch, and STEM School Highlands Ranch work together for environmental science and the power to real-world collaborative learning.
Here is a LINK to the entire video of this lesson.  
“Conservation is a state of harmony between people and the land.” – Aldo Leopold
Engineering stream restoration
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