Enjoy a Relaxed and Restful Fall Break

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Fall Break is a time to hit pause, rest, recover and reflect. Bill Gates speaks of scheduling “Think Weeks” where he can be creative in the empty space of unscheduled time. I hope you and your family can find the space to do what you most enjoy, and really lean into that time as a break from all the ups and downs taking place in our world. 

Taking a break from schedules and screens will be appreciated by our entire community. Parents of our youngest virtual students need a Fall Break from being co-teachers. Our staff will need the break to rest and recharge so that they come back ready to tackle the rigors of educating our exceptional students. Getting outside with the predicted perfect Colorado Fall weather will be the preferred choice for most of our students and staff. 

I hope you can find some unscheduled time to enjoy being with those closest to you. For me, it is the simplest pleasures that are most meaningful like walking the dogs, preparing dinner, and watching a movie. Minimizing unnecessary exposure guides choices for some in 2020. 

Be safe and see you for the second half of the semester,


P.J. Eucker PhD

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