Excitement and Energy are Infusing into our Staff for 2021-22

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We are just weeks away from the start of school and I am so excited to start welcoming everyone to the new school year. The new cohort of STEM teachers joining us for 2021-22 will infuse new energy and innovation into our school. Some have many years of experience, a few needed a mid-career change from industry and we always hire a few right out of college. These hiring pathways are true every year at STEM. This is a new chapter for each one and there is energy and power in new chapters.

One thing I know for certain, they are each risk-takers to step into a high-powered STEM school and have the wherewithal and courage to keep up with our super-charged students. I have immense respect for their willingness to join STEM’s faculty.

I ask that all of our families and students help us in making them feel welcome to STEM over the coming weeks. Please allow them time to get settled and acclimated to our school and students.

Our veteran teachers and staff are well known for going the distance in helping new teammates and our Leadership Team has worked hard to lead from a servant attitude. STEM is far more complicated than most schools as a K-12 campus plus P-Tech, so our new hires will have several days of onboarding and collaboration time before our entire staff returns for Orientation on August 4.

STEM is a place where the human spirit can expand into a creative space that is unrealized in most schools. As a force multiplier, STEM students and staff are fearless pioneers. World problems are one solution away and help is on the way through our students’ prowess in problem-solving. Joining a faculty that unleashes the power of collaboration could be intimidating for some. All of our new hires convinced the interview team of students, parents, future teammates and administrators that they have what it takes to powerfully challenge students through PBLs.

The Leadership Team spent time this summer realigning our strengths and professional growth opportunities in order to have a structure in place that provided support and would help reestablish our culture. This allowed for some new openings to be created and filled with both internal and external candidates.

Click here to see our Faculty and Staff List for the 2021-22 School Year.

Dr. Karen Johnson has taken the lead as our hiring coordinator this summer, and with the help of our Administration Team and various stakeholders, we are in a very good position of being fully staffed for the new school year. See this interview with Dr. Johnson as she outlines the process.

I was incredibly encouraged and impressed to hear that some of our returning staff have already requested to get into their classrooms in order to get ready. The excitement is picking up. Returning staff surely all feel the need for a year of laughter and joy. Students working to capacity spilling out into the halls in teams collaborating on significant world problems is the goal for this new school year.

There are a few remaining open positions at STEM. Your help in networking with the best candidates will help us fill these positions with quality teachers. The list of openings is on our website and several other sites frequented by teachers and professionals seeking a new chapter.

Enjoy these long summer days,

P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

A Check-In with Dr Karen Johnson

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