Farewell 2020 and Welcome 2021

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We made it! This semester has been one of the most challenging times imaginable for schools and their community. We have new appreciation for the everyday stress experienced by families as they each partnered with us as co-teachers. Schools throughout the world grappled with the same problems.

Most alarming has been the slow disengagement of so many students. As the author Terry Pratchett once said, “(We) need to be bounced around by the Brownian motion of society, which is a mechanism by which human beings constantly remind one another that they are…well…human beings.” Without human contact, we lose a little bit of ourselves every day.

Thank you to all of our faculty, staff, students and community members who contributed to our 2021 Return-to-School Plan. This plan was built on the recommendations of Colorado and national experts in COVID mitigation. With only seven cases in 2020 at STEM and zero transmission, the strategic-layered-safety measures proved effective.

STEM teachers inspire us with their endless innovation. The thoughtful lessons to link virtual with in-person learners to solve significant problems proved that our mission of Never Stop Innovating won’t stop. STEM teachers are the best! The entire support staff works hard to support our teachers to shine brightly. It is in this teamwork all mission-focused to serve your students, that kept STEM moving forward through the challenges of 2020.

2021 around the corner:
Some very exciting initiatives are being planned for spring semester and for the 2021-22 school year. In a school that Never Stops Innovating, we are ready to improve our partnership with our students as leaders and our families. Look for more information as we work with student and faculty leaders.

The annual STEM Town Hall is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 14. The five pillars of our Strategic Plan will be revisited in this interactive event. We look forward to your participation.

Monday, Dec. 21 is the Winter Solstice. It is one of my favorite days of the year because it marks the beginning of longer days with spring soon to follow. Just knowing the days are not getting shorter but longer reminds us that spring will follow. Yes, the added minutes are imperceptible, but psychologically significant. Those teaser spring days in February are the best. Nature’s rhythms reassure us in wonderfully comforting patterns.

My wish for all of you is to be kind to yourself and others. So much has been asked of each of us. We carry personal standards that pre-date a COVID world. We did our very best in the most challenging of times. You deserve time to reflect and restore as we begin a new chapter in 2021.


P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

Merry Christmas to our families who celebrate this holiday.
Happy Kwanzaa to our families who celebrate this holiday.

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