High-Tech POGO Stick

High-Tech Pogo Stick

Dec. 5, 2018


Thanks to Lone Star School, we now know that a Pogo Stick is much more than a toy.



Rural seventh graders from Lone Star, led by Mr. Parker, presented what they learned from Case IH to Ms. Basu’s STEM School Highlands Ranch seventh graders.




By the end of the presentation, students from both schools discussed what they could do together.  What is the role of industry? What is the role of teachers and adults interested in facilitating real-world, experiential learning? 

If we understand that students want to and can solve real problems, we must learn to facilitate meaningful collaborations.  


See presentation here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10sD1QJQ20a-hu65W1qM0e4H6fnIQ1_dKf-NLmtqeSJE/edit?ts=5c080387 
We understood the major problems that affect everybody from the farmers to the cities. Students felt like they had the ability to actually make a change, many for the first time. The future will be changed by students!   
A Student’s Perspective: 
Gabriel: Thank you for engaging in such a progressive and innovative conversation with our school. It really helped the students define what our future interactions and plans will be. We really were able to get a lot out of it. For one, we were able to figure out a lot more about the agricultural community and some possible ways of improving outdated or inefficient technology. We are also hoping to meet in person sometime as well. All in all, the meeting was really successful and we are excited to talk again soon.


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