How Staying Focused and Balanced is Keep STEM On Track

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How does STEM stay neutral with so many battles being waged across the country? We stay in our lane and have a clear road map defined by the STEM board of directors’ adopted Strategic Plan with five goals.

Providing a world-class education in the spirit of Never Stop Innovating keeps students and staff on the cutting edge of what’s next in the ever-increasing tempo driven by a globally connected world.

STEM is welcoming to all, making us the most diverse school in DCSD. In addition to our instructional model of Problem-Based Learning attracting students from all demographics, we also offer many after-school clubs for students to find a place of belonging. If we don’t have a specific club, Sara Phelps helps students find an adult sponsor for a proposed club.

Our families are diverse in every sense: culturally, racially, language, economics, religion, politics, and more. STEM is a public school guided by a multitude of compliance requirements from attendance, daily Pledge of Allegiance, mandatory reporting of suspected neglect or abuse, recording of accommodations for 504, IEP, ALP, assessments, teaching the Colorado-adopted content standards and so much more.

Between compliance and STEM’s special brand of education, we are fully engaged without moving into nonsensical lanes where we do not belong. We respect the role of our diverse families to provide a well-rounded, highly educated, and thoughtful student.

One of our non-negotiables at STEM is that we all must treat each other with respect, civility, and kindness. With over 3,000 parents that we communicate with regularly, being a high-trust community with a common value of an excellent public education galvanizes the majority. Disrespectful behavior directed at any staff member is not permitted. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously stated, “We can disagree without being disagreeable.”

STEM’s Communication Pathway that ends with our self-governing board is how you can voice your opinion and also share your positive feedback. I share this with our community as a way to say Thank You for keeping the focus over these last few weeks and months on doing what we can to ensure in-person learning for our students. With all that has been happening, our community has been able to have meaningful conversations and has allowed the processes to take place.

Thank you for your partnership in keeping STEM a premier school serving your students. Where so many communities have dissolved into brawls with little consideration of how it serves students, STEM remains true to its mission.

Happy Halloween and Diwali,

P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

P.S. Our kindergarten students were introduced to virtual reality this week with a tour of the US Capitol and Washington Monument while seated on the rug at STEM. Watching them spin around and exclaiming wonder to view so much with the tilt of their head was delightful.

Thank you to Allison Doe, Kathy Reid, the cadre of student leaders, and community volunteers for the very successful DECA event this week. Thank you Coach Broll for the use of the gym.

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