Insight from InSight


Insight from InSight

Touchdown!  No, not the Super Bowl. Even better . . . The infinite potential to learn from the aerospace industry. To further our mission of providing real content, from real experts in real time: On November 26, 2018 students had a chance to experience the live excitement as NASA’s InSight Lander touched down on Mars.

Students learned about the length of the martian year and the three stages leading to the “seven minutes of terror” from Lockheed Martin’s Systems Engineering Lead Jack Rumple, who answered student questions as they watched live feeds from THE SYNK.  

At the same time NASA danced the happy dance of success, our 4th graders and middle school science students went from complete silence before touchdown to roars of applause and excitement that one only sees when your team just scored the winning points in the final seconds.

Take a look at this brief video to share the moment:



Go Science!  


As we prepared for this historic event, we noticed that the aerospace industry has created and shared a large amount of inspirational content. Check out these amazing resources below:

What a thrill it is to STEM the GAP between industry and education while fostering the joy we witnessed during the InSight landing. 


Space Art

 Space Art created by a student while watching the landing

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