La Junta / STEM / Lockheed Martin / Children’s Hospital – Working Together for All Students

Tom Kirk (Tiger Trades Academy, La Junta) has been an innovative leader and visionary in learning for rural Colorado and beyond. He led students, teachers, and even a superintendent from La Junta and Manzanola to visit STEM School Highlands Ranch, Children’s Hospital, and Lockheed Martin on Nov. 14th, 2019.  
** Scroll to the bottom of the story to see what this led to in March 2020. 
The shared culture, learning, and student-driven goals inspired everyone. 
La Junta visit to STEMLearning from each other . . .
We learned that we have much in common, especially a love for discovery, collaboration, innovation, and culture.
Students Sharing STEM / La JuntaSharing Ideas
One goal is to see if we can work together in meaningful ways that promote global citizenship, kindness, and innovation. 
After visiting STEM, the La Junta students and teachers had lunch at Children’s hospital (South) followed by a tour of Lockheed Martin.  Lockheed Martin innovators Sue Linch and Darin Bolthouse were our hosts. They validated the the potential of everyone working together to prepare students for future careers and collaborations.
VR Engineering VR at LM
In addition to VR and the AMAZING work led by Darin Bolthouse, we also were able to see two GOES satellites under construction and work being done on LUCY
GOES Satellite
La Junta 1La Junta 4
La Junta 2La Junta 3La Junta 5
**And now . . . the rest of the story.
On March 2, 2020 the same rural school in the story above was at the capital. (in shirts they designed)
March 2 photo 1March 2 #2
They are also piloting virtual internships, collaborating with industry and higher education, and are at the center of changes that all communities should be inspired by..
This is nothing less than a miracle!  
Thank you Tiger Trades Academy teacher Tom Kirk.
Below are student testimonials.
Tiger Trades Academy
La Junta, CO Schools

Who we are:
We are exploring game changing technology by looking through the Art/Design perspective. This is in collaboration with our industry partner, The 3D Printing Store.         (Spencer & Damon)

What we are doing:
We are showing our visions/abilities and “fresh voices” .  We are using traditional methods to “crossover” to the digital world.                                                   
                                                                        (Andraya & Elliot)

In our simple shop/studio .  We’re building our version of a “Skunkworks”       

To gain STEAM (science, tech, engineering, ART and math) “experience” by working with industry experts.  What we believe can be 21st Century authentic learning.                   
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