Lockheed Martin – Jr. Space Entrepreneurship Program (JSEP)

STEM School Highlands Ranch began with the help of aerospace engineers and continues to be inspired by this industry, especially the great people from Lockheed Martin.  
Engineering Simulation
Lockheed Martin asked the Space Foundation to provide an opportunity for a week-long class immersion January 13-17 with the Space Foundation’s education team. It’s called the Jr. Space Entrepreneur Program.
The Jr. Space Entrepreneurship Program (JSEP) prepares today’s youth to secure STEM positions within the aerospace industry by providing an immersive educational experience. JSEP places students in scenarios that teach and connect critical 21st Century skills to real-world work environments. Participants embarked on a complete Mars mission encompassing all the challenges that come with sending astronauts to our neighboring planet and returning them safely to the Earth.
Girls in STEM
A series of hands-on activities was designed to lead student to a final presentation in front of a prestigious panel of aerospace industry professionals.  Along the way, Lockheed Martin employee were there to guide, inform, and inspire.
SME help 1
The connections to Lockheed Martin employees opens windows of infinite opportunities for our students.
LM 2LM 5
Many of the Lockheed Martin partners will continue to work with students as part of our Building Ships initiative. 

Partnerships, Friendships

Mentorships, Internships

Relationships, Sponsorships


Thanks to aerospace partners, the potential to increase learning, strengthen communities, and prepare students for their future is growing exponentially.


Joyful LearningJL 1

We invite other industries, community partners, and subject matter experts to join us. Every child in every corner of the world deserves a united effort to support joyful and meaningful learning.


SF Thanks

Thank you Space Foundation!


Here are some photos to celebrate the lives changed and the students who are our future.  


Everybody was working as a team member and contributing to the whole solution exploration process. This is how the real business world operates. The students were not only practicing all the engineering skills but also building  the business integrality to create, process and implement a sustainable and profitable project.

 I truly believe by networking with professional companies in the community and connecting the real-world business cases/skills with the school education, we are preparing our kids for the bright future.


                    – Xinye (STEM parent)




Thank you Hilton Garden Inn.




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