“Lost But Not Forgotten” VR Museum

STEM School Highlands Ranch high school history students are making innovative strides towards creating educational, interactive virtual reality museums on the collapse of civilizations, inspired by the Smithsonian and Louvre. These Students are using VR to bring originally-designed paintings, artifacts, historic maps, and even a Japanese Kabuki theater back to life for everyone to interact with and learn more about in 3D museums!
VR Moving Objects
Every class has five groups, each one creating their own VR Museum. A few groups have been able to pick up objects and insert animated characters into their project. 
These showpieces will provide the public and industry partners with equitable access to student-led and designed paintings, artifacts, and showrooms with narrative histories and objects which can be held in the palm of your hands to examine up close, as professional archaeologists and historians do in the field! 
The research and development from this adventure will be combined with our ongoing collaboration with Lockheed Martin and VR in Engineering.  LINK
Lockheed Martin LOGO
Building VR Computer
“Hey!  We need another computer for VR.  Let’s just build it!”
Come partner with us and join the adventure!
For more information contact:
Owen Cegielski
Social Studies Teacher | STEM School Highlands Ranch
t 303-683-STEM (7836) | e [email protected]
8773 Ridgeline Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

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