One of the best times of the year

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U.S. Representative Ken Buck called this week to congratulate our school on a West Point Congressional nomination. Representative Buck asked to deliver the message to our stellar student, Matthew Tewolde. We arranged with his teacher to make the announcement in class. Representative Buck thanked Matthew for stepping up to the challenges of West Point, especially during a time of global uncertainty. Committing to defend the US Constitution with a five-year service commitment requires a great sense of duty.

The West Point motto of Duty, Honor, Country sums up the values that have defined this great American institution since its founding in 1802 by Thomas Jefferson. It is personal for Representative Buck as a 2011 West Point grad parent. He understands what it takes to raise a son or daughter to this caliber. Matthew’s classmates broke out in spontaneous applause. Teachers hugged Matthew. His twin sister, also in the class, held her own as she has been accepted to Johns Hopkins University.

Check out the video of Matthew receiving the call.

Our seniors are receiving their college acceptance letters culminating a lifetime of dedicated scholarship. STEM understands that great student success is a family endeavor. Beginning with enriched early childhood learning and ever complex challenges building strong independent learners. STEM is the choice for families wishing to partner to accelerate learning and independence. Students report a seamless transition to college after STEM. Tapping into creative problem solving, rigorous academics, and collaboration with peers are the formulae for a successful freshman when the culture shock of independence can derail so many.

Check out this interview with STEM alum Max Strizhenko as he talks about how STEM set him apart from his peers after graduation.

STEM students are ambitious and apply to many colleges. Our acceptance rate is extremely high for first-choice colleges. Some of the recent acceptances include Princeton, Yale, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, and other top-tier universities. Some students matriculate in European top-tier universities finding the global mix of students compelling as well as the more affordable tuition. Last year’s graduating class of about 180 students included over 40 students starting at CU Boulder, about 30 to CSU and just over 20 at Colorado School of Mines. Students throughout the US are choosing in-state to remain closer to home and affordability. We are so fortunate to have high-quality public institutions of higher education.

As our seniors receive their good news over the next few months, we will update our annual School Profile with the list of college acceptances. STEM continues to outscore every other DCSD high school as measured by the SAT. The nearest competition is over 100 points behind STEM. STEM currently ranks No. 7 in Colorado for SAT scores used by many colleges to determine readiness for college-level work. Needless to say, STEM is No. 1 in DCSD. All of these things are what should make us all proud to be part of the #STEMStrongerTogether Community. When one of us shines, we all shine. Current Spartans are laying the foundation and clearing the way for future Spartans.

Thank you for your partnership and for trusting your amazing and ambitious children to STEM’s elite Problem-Based Learning instructional model. Your children will change the world and we are so grateful to be part of the journey. Matthew, we salute you as you join the Long Gray Line.

Happy Chinese New Year (The year of the Tiger),

P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

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