Problem-Based Learning Leads to Innovation and Exploration

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STEM School Highlands Ranch states its mission and vision is to unlock and maximize human potential. How exactly does that look with almost 1800 students and 175 staff, with so many interests and abilities?

Gitanjali (Anjali) Rao, Time Magazine’s first Kid of the Year, is showing us all what this means. She is endlessly optimistic and has a restless mind, searching for problems in need of creative solutions. She is a relentless problem solver and innovator.

Her interview with Angelina Jolie perfectly captured our school’s instructional platform of opening the door, providing the tools and then getting out of the way. Creativity needs space to work. Problem Based Learning (PBL) builds the inquiry tools to tackle the world’s greatest problems with confidence. STEM’s non-negotiable is this instructional model. This runway allows students to achieve the impossible. 

Problem Based Learning attracts the most innovative teachers unwilling to be turned into a technician following an instructional manual that scripts each day. Our faculty consistently rank the ability to build creative units of study around PBL as a strong positive at STEM. Unleashing unlimited human potential includes our faculty and staff to be their creative best. When the teacher has great passion for PBL, students engage in uncommon ways that build lifelong skills and knowledge. I am profoundly grateful to our talented faculty and staff for fostering innovation at STEM. 

Our Mission

Never Stop Innovating.

Our Vision

We envision a world of exponential possibilities where every child develops the innate knowledge, skills, creativity and character to thrive, lead and succeed in an ever-changing future.

Our Goal

Our goal is not only to prepare students to thrive in the constant world of reinvention, but to lead it.

Core Beliefs

We equip students to succeed in an exponentially changing world. 

We leverage the power of collaboration. 

We relentlessly reinvent and adapt. 

We forge pathways of discovery through continuous inquiry and experimentation. 

We nurture unlimited human potential. 

We ethically and positively impact the world.

Thank you Anjali for living STEM’s values to the fullest. Thank you for making the world a better place. Thank you for relentlessly pursuing your personal best. You are the pathfinder for those who follow. You inspire us to be our best.

Wishing our STEM families wellness and warmth on these chilly days,

P.J. Eucker PhD

Executive Director

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