Sheiks vs. Shale

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Oil prices are dropping? Is that a good thing?

Worldwide oil markets with prices falling below $20 per barrel from the argument over production driven by concerns about market share between Saudi Arabia and Russia, aimed at US shale producers. The Coronavirus has exuberated this collapse and points out how sensitive price is to global events.  Are such low prices good for the global economy? How is this impacting Colorado?

Organized by:

  • Simi Basu: STEM School Highlands Ranch /  Highlands Ranch, Colorado
  • Dr. Joe Wagner: Eads High School / Eads, Colorado
  • Consuelo Godfrey: PathLight International / Belize City, Belize

Presenters will collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously.  Our experts include:

  • Dr. Helen El Mallakh, ICEED in Boulder
  • Susan Morrice, Co-Founder and Chairperson Belize Natural Energy * Director XJet
  • Sam Butler, Pres. Trinity Petroleum Management
  • Aaron Harber, Talk Show Host, Producer, Political and Economic Commentary, Columnist
  • John Tobin, President NREP
NREP CEO John Tobin and Anne Tweed's Intros
Anne Tweed's PBL Explained
Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge - Candidate for Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.L.D).
Above and Beyond - Thank you Belizean Teachers & Students
We all know that when teachers and students have a genuine passion, anything is possible. I live for these moments!

Student Session 1: April 20, 2020

From Helen:  I just wanted to tell everyone involved how great this is! So much opportunity. The students in my breakout room were very insightful ! Congrats! I know how long this endeavor has taken, but it’s wonderful!

Image of Sheik vs Shale Breakout Session

Student Session 2: April 27, 2020

This session began with chat. Each Student was paired with another in order to discuss what was learned in session one and prepare for the adventure of session two.  Listen carefully . . . the students’ voices are powerful, insightful, and sincere.

John C. Tobin, President,Natural Resources Education Program (NREP) seems to be connected to a global network of industry experts and entrepreneurs, including: Susan Morrice: She Found Oil In Belize, Now This Geologist Is Helping To Imagine Its Post-Oil Future

Susan’s lecture took us all on a journey, ending with the The Magic in You. We are so thankful for her passion, generosity, insight, and sincerity. This session is dedicated to Mike Usher, co-founder Belize Natural Energy (BNE).

Colorado Connection: The Magic in You is based more on fact than fiction and at the end of the book you will find a synopsis of the true story behind Belize Oil at the end of the book. The happy Irish lady who befriended Mike in real life is Susan Morrice who resides with her family in Colorado when not in Belize, Ireland, or flying on her “super transporting machine.”

Looking Ahead: STEM School Highlands Ranch students Tavin and Gitanjali met with the adult facilitators to discuss a plan for the next meeting. They will work directly with students from Eads and Belize City to design session three.

Student Session 3: May 4, 2020

John Tobin started us off by connecting the dots and offering suggestions for how to process the information, problems to be solved, and multiple ways to approach solutions.

Sam Butler, Pres. Trinity Petroleum Management, is another valuable SME (subject matter expert). His advice and insight help students process the complex energy issues.

Consuelo, facilitating teacher from Belize, shared her big takeaway with her breakout group.

From Belize, Beatrice and Artisha discussed solar panels and challenges such as hurricanes.

Tavin (STEM) led the sharing of ideas from the breakout rooms. Sam (Eads HS) shared the group-one  discussion.

What do we do with the excessive oil being stored? What about renewable energy?

A small group of students and teachers met with the most AMAZING educational facilitator of all times, Anne Tweed. Together they planned out the final session.

Student Session 4 (Final): May 11, 2020

Aaron Harber, Talk Show Host, Producer, Political and Economic Commentary, Columnist started us off by asking a few questions.  We soon grew to appreciate what it takes to moderate a discussion.  You have to be a subject matter expert, great communicator, someone who listens well, and possess an awareness of everyone who is watching. Three student groups presented.

Salt Domes

The students from Belize presented Eco-Friendly Global Solutions.

Renewable Systems

Feedback about this Collaboration

Image for Sheik-Shale

Without question, this effort was a resounding success.  Now the burden is on NREP to perform our due diligence to see how and if we can scale up this experience into a sustainable program.

While the storyline, “Low Oil Prices” was rushed together, so that it could be accomplished by the end of the school year, we hope it was still a valuable experience and time of discovery.  NREP would like to expand this storyline to give many more of the issues proper coverage and discussion as a part of that scaling effort.

– John Tobin

Thank you John Tobin, Anne Tweed, Sam Butler, Helen Mallakh, Susan Morrice, and Aaron Harber.

Dear NREP Team,

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with all of you. I have been blown away by this pilot program and view it as truly transformative. It has far exceeded my expectations. Moreover, I believe that it has proven the power of breaking down barriers to learning.

I see three major elements that have made this pilot successful.

  1. (1) Harnessing the power of technology to bridge gaps between external experts and students utilizing a low-cost approach.
  2. (2) By using the  QUEST methodology, students learn a powerful tool that they can use in an educational setting and throughout their careers.
  3. (3) Providing a platform for students to share their views not only within the state but internationally.

This pilot program showcases the potential of hybrid learning experiences and how we can enhance our students’ knowledge base, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Thank you for allowing me to participate!

Helen El Mallakh, Executive Director

Colorado Cleantech Industries Association

Burgeoning Collaborations

(Beatrice (Belize) & Martin Ogle (Entrepreneurial Earth) are planning a session for Belizean students.

Life Principles and OUR Lives; Connecting environmental literacy and ALL careers!

In the midst of COVID and daunting environmental challenges, How do we envision and create a better world by connecting environmental principles to ALL Careers to create a “Green Economy?”

Yes!  In fact, disruptions in our education and daily routines present us with new opportunities to understand how Earth’s living systems work and how our human systems fit in.  Join Martin Ogle, founder of Entrepreneurial Earth, for an inspiring session to explore how we change the world through our individual careers and through collective action.  We’ll use a set of “Life Principles Symbols” to jumpstart our creativity.

“I weighed this. It sounded promising. Hope began to burgeon.”

 P. G. Wodehouse (1946 novel) : Joy in the Morning

This group of brave and caring students and teachers embraced a collaborative approach to learning.  This was the first pilot of what we hope will be a learning culture for multiple students, teachers, and industries.

We will take what we have learned and implement successive collaborations that could build bridges between subject matter experts and the infinite potential of students to solve real problems. These students have the daunting task of solving global problems that other generations have struggled with.

Together we hope to make a difference in learning. We hope this community helps solve the problems our world so urgently needs.

“There are all kinds of challenges these days that people are trying to solve, and we’re done with the easy problems. We’re entering grand challenges that aren’t going to be solved by a person or company, they’re going to be solved by a community.”

– Scott Sieke, a graduate student at CU Boulder who works with Science Discovery

Contact: Gregg Cannady at [email protected] if you want more information.

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