Show & Tell (I love my job!)

Can you imagine adults so excited to share their work that the energy felt like being at an elementary school show & tell? Isn’t that the dream we have for our students’ future careers? 
Welcome Sign
Felsburg Holt & Ullevig were our hosts for a career discovery dinner at their offices in centennial.. Laughter, synergy, teamwork, joy, and of course discovery best describes the night.
Traffic Demo
Chris Fasching began the night, running us through an interactive traffic demo that immediately united the students and parents in laughter and problem solving.  
The parents were taken to the Maroon Bells conference room to discuss schooling and strategies that lead to working at in industries like Felsburg Holt & Ullevig. Questions were asked and advice was offered that helped everyone sort through he complicated path from high school to career.
student groups
Several employees prepared discovery stations that students rotated through. Each station provided an up-close and personal dive into the diverse work done at Felsburg Holt & Ullevig.  
Garden of the Gods
One of our rural partners, Bennett High School, brought a few students as well.  FHU’s work can be see throughout the state, including in one of most iconic places in Colorado, Garden of the Gods. 
Just as impressive as the amazing work that FHU does was their collaborative spirit and teamwork. Seeing this team united to inspire students was nothing less than a miracle. 
Never too old to learn.
Mr. Shallenberger was able to demonstrate that you’re never too old to learn. He had some help from the students and Ashley.
Sometimes the teachers that make a difference a simply those who share their talent and joy for what they do. 
Despite a few bad jokes, Alex Pulley’s leadership is indicative of FHU’s commitment to community. We are now a part of the Felsburg Holt & Ullevig family.  The ring leader for the night has to be Sarah Love.  Thank you Sarah for making this possible. 
We hope this event starts a movement in learning and offers hope to building community at STEM and across the nation. 
Together we can Build Ships!

Partnerships, Friendships

Mentorships, Internships

Relationships, Sponsorships

Thank you for partnering with us! We’re all feeling on top of the world this morning.

             – Sarah Love  (FHU)


Thank you for your dedication to your kids and allowing us to show them another facet of engineering. It was truly an inspiring and motivating evening.                 – Ashley Orellana (Transportation Engineer)


Girl Power
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