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Lockheed Martin Executive High School Internship Program

August 24 – December 7, 2021

Applications for Fall 2021 Lockheed Martin Executive High School Internship Program are now open. STEM students in grades 11 and 12 are eligible to apply. Please fill out the new STEM Career Discovery application and be sure to list the Fall 2021 Lockheed Martin Executive Internship Program in your request.

  • STEM Career Discovery Application Due August 6, 2021
  • Student Interviews (individual zoom meetings with each student) August 9 – 13
  • Selected Students Invited Submit the Contract (bottom of description, signed by parent and student – Due August 17)
  • Individual School Paperwork Completed (STEM Internship Policy) Due August 20
  • Internship Begins August 24, 2021
  • Internship Ends Dec. 7, 2021
Project Goals:

Students will be introduced to real engineers in order to think critically in the framework of spacecraft, exploration, engineering, problem solving, and development of skills such as oral communication, public speaking, research skills, media or engineering tool literacy, teamwork, planning, self-sufficiency, and goal setting.

Secondary Goals:

Through cross-district collaborations and presentations, students will be ambassadors for younger students, community building, and outreach. Students will be asked to select an engineering research topic, engineering discipline, or project management topic that interests them. Students will conduct research on the subject, maintain a collaborative portfolio of findings or results, and create a final product. Final products will be presented to other students and again as a more technical presentation for subject matter experts.

  1. Tuesday Virtual Forums: Students will meet weekly for full-group presentations by Lockheed Martin volunteers. The Lockheed Martin presentations are designed to inspire and inform students by discussing what happens at Lockheed Martin and how our students can best prepare to thrive in the aerospace industry. (3:00 – 4:00 pm MST) *Required Attendance
  2. Small Groups: Students will be assigned to a small group. (4-5 students each) Every group will have a lead mentor from Lockheed Martin that will facilitate projects, inform solutions, and connect students to aerospace resources. The assigned groups will meet with their Lockheed Martin mentor weekly to check on progress, present ideas, and learn from a Lockheed Martin professional.
  3. Students must collaborate 1-2 times per week with their assigned group to ensure continuity and spend enough time on projects to fulfil EHSIP & STEM Internship hours. This will be a combination of virtual meetings and shared documents. Each student will have responsibilities to contribute to the group’s project.
  4. Students will submit weekly reports. Each log entry will contain dates, hours, “what I did,” and “what I learned. These hours will include individual time spent on research and the completion of projects.
  5. Two presentations will be required.
    • School Presentations should be aimed at getting students excited in the topic.
    • Technical Presentations are aimed at professionals. They can inform them of another field, advancement in a field, or use to their current field.

For more information contact

To apply, create a profile on Tallo – a free online platform and app that lets students showcase their interests and experiences and get discovered by colleges and companies everywhere, including Lockheed Martin.

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