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Sources of Strength at STEM serves as a Beacon of Hope for our Students

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Schools have become the safety net in the United States providing nutrition, health screening, resources in crisis, and social-emotional learning (SEL). At STEM, the mental health team selected Sources of Strength as the secondary SEL program. Once selected, training is provided to fully embrace the program.

Sources of Strength was first selected by DCSD as their secondary SEL program. The STEM mental health team reviewed and agreed that it best met the needs of STEM students. Other SEL programs have been nominated along the way and our mental health team continues to support Sources of Strength.

The CEO of Sources of Strength had visited and worked with the STEM mental health team following the incident on May 7 to deepen their understanding of how to best support students, while also providing additional supports to our mental health team. This helped to lay the foundation for our program and for future members of our mental health support team.

STEM student leaders are trained in the student leadership component of Sources of Strength. The student component is not to provide services but to be able to provide messages of how to access support if in need.

This school year, STEM added the opportunity for students to take a course in Sources of Strength, as well as take part in the after-school club. The feedback and turnout for the club have been outstanding. Check out the photos below of our students taking part in our Sources of Strength after-school club.

Higher-need students often feel anxiety about school holidays. School is their anchor to routine and normal, with holidays creating a source of stress. STEM lists the many resources available 24/7 for any in our community in crisis.

The STEM Center for Strength has a full week of engaging events to help support our STEM community. This resource is a significant component of STEM’s multifaceted mental health and SEL support system.

Fall break is a much-needed time to rest, recharge, reflect on the first quarter as we re-energize for the second half of the fall semester. I am grateful to our faculty for their continued commitment to providing in-person learning for your students. Thank you to our entire staff who all work to support our faculty making STEM the best place possible for your students.

Enjoy your fall break,

P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

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