Space Probe Mission with Lockheed Martin

Space Probe Mission with Lockheed Martin 
March 1, 2019
3:00 pm
Cassini Saturn Orbit Insertion.jpg
Please join us as our STEM School Highlands Ranch 8th graders are introduced to space probe exploration and given the opportunity to create a probe mission in collaboration with engineers from Lockheed Martin. 
During this endeavor, students will be exposed to prior mission projects revolving around Lockheed Martin’s Cassini and Huygen Probe missions. Inspired by these missions, students will be tasked with creating their own potential space fairing mission, whereby they must account for things such as: trajectory, mission plan, instrumentation, environmental hazards, and communication. The end product will be a student-created, in-depth mission proposal that will be presented to Lockheed Martin.
Please join us via ZOOM to watch this mission unfold.  Contact Gregg Cannady if your school wants to participate beyond just watching. 
Space lesson
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