Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology
Live from THE SYNK
April 18
1:30 pm MST
Spartan College
Dan Crosby from Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology invites high school students students and teachers to attend an informative and inspirational session on Spartan College, the aerospace industry, and the opportunities that are available.
I have a passion to help students discover their Passion and Purpose while introducing them to Spartan College. I do this through personal stories of how I discovered my purpose. 
                                                                                              Dan Crosby
Dan will talk to the students about future, direction, what are the next steps as they prepare to finish High School. He will discuss the trades industry and the opportunities that are available including the aviation industry.  
Each student will take a mini assessment to help identify their passion and possible career pathway. We have partnered with Jobzology out of Boulder for this assessment. It is a simple scientific algorithm in the form of assessing their interests and their values. It is fun, easy and simple. The responses we are getting from this is amazing. The student can then search on their strong matches and discover how much schooling is required, average pay in that industry, Job descriptions etc.. *This assessment is a powerful tool to help students gain insight into their futures.
*Please bring your devise (laptop, iPad, etc.) to the session in order to access the online assessment. 
Dan Crosby would love to send remote participating schools some materials used in the industry. Please contact him  directly if you would like him to send this to your school or if you have any questions
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