Staying Mission-Focused Leads the Way for 2022

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The STEM Board of Directors began 2022 with bold initiatives to accelerate progress toward the Strategic Plan formally adopted in 2020. My position as Executive Director will be redesigned as Chief Executive Officer of KOSON Schools at the end of my contract, signaling that replication of the STEM model is a primary goal in alignment with the Strategic Plan. Our flagship school, STEM School Highlands Ranch, will be nurtured and cared for by a new Executive Director who will lead our school directors, our Leadership Team and our Administration Team.

A few years ago, stakeholders including students, parents, faculty, and others defined what STEM values most in a leader. These traits will be circulated to verify that the candidates for Executive Director will be measured against the most valued traits. The posting for this position will be advertised so that both internal and external applicants can apply. Similar to the hiring of administrators and teachers, we will create interview teams inclusive of representatives from all stakeholders.

The final three candidates will be presented to the STEM Board of Directors with strengths and areas for support as defined by the interview process. Serving our students to maximize their human potential by Never Stop Innovating must be a core value of the final candidate.

Meanwhile, 2022 began with high expectations for uninterrupted in-person learning now that all students K-12 have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated. Omicron surprised us with the R factor of 3-5 and the ability to punch through the immunized population. Our plan to remain in person was derailed by high unfilled subrequests. We have been hard at work planning for continued staffing issues and how to best remain in-person knowing that some students will have to access their learning virtually when their teacher(s) cannot be at school due to a positive COVID test or another emergency. Our detailed plan will be shared as soon as possible so that our families have some assurance that STEM is adapting to the new reality of this variant while remaining in compliance with health guidelines for public schools.

How can you help?

  1. Help STEM recruit substitute teachers. The STEM Business Office will reimburse the cost for a sublicense awarded through CDE once the sub begins at STEM.
  2. STEM is also recruiting for Educational Assistants and Instructional Assistants. These positions are crucial in providing additional support throughout the day and especially at lunch and recess.
    1. The STEM Employment Page on the website is constantly refreshed to advertise open positions. STEM advertises in a variety of ways including DCSD, the League of Charter Schools, Indeed, CASE, and more.
  3. Please sign up to volunteer. We have openings to volunteer during Elementary Lunch and Recess, as well as in our Drivelines in the morning and afternoon. Helping in all of these areas, helps our staff provide support in classrooms and throughout the building during critical staff shortages.

Thank you for your continued partnership in keeping STEM the best school for innovation.

Happy New Year!

P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

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