STEM Girls in Ukraine

STEM Girls in Ukraine

Can you imagine what would happen if STEM girls from Ukraine worked with STEM School Highlands Ranch girls, supported by WorldDenver?  No need to imagine. It has begun!
Together they will develop meaningful collaborations centered around science and cosmetics. As industry finds out that these girls are serious and intend to solve global problems, they will support their vision and work.

This morning our very own Simi Basu met with and organization called STEM girls from Ukraine, and WorldDenver. This connection came to us through one of our industry partners, Debra Wilcox.


In late January and February 2019, they hope to connect between 5-10 Ukrainian girls (ages 18-21) with a few middle-school aged students from Ukraine, and a few STEM School Highlands Ranch middle-school girls.




Because of the time difference, before-school workshops from THE SYNK will happen before school or first thing in the morning. This translates to around 4:00 pm in Ukraine.


All collaborations are open to multiple schools and industry partners.  The infinite potential of empowering students is a direct response to our global mission:


Transform learning to solve the worlds’ greatest problems


Stay tuned for the dates and times to be posted on THE SYNK website.

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