STEM welcomes Elizabeth Brown and Alex Apelt

Elizabeth Brown and Alex Apelt

STEM School Highlands Ranch welcomes Elizabeth Brown to the team as Recovery Coordinator.  Brown’s role is centered around helping build the emotional recovery for STEM students, parents, and staff.

“That involves working with grants, outside agencies, community partners, and the overall STEM community,” Brown said.

Brown says what attracted her to the job is the meaningful work that comes with the territory of being a Recovery Coordinator.

“Trauma impacts people’s ability to just do their best in their day to day things,” Brown said.  “This community has experienced a lot of trauma over the past two years, and I think that’s being compounded by all of the isolation that COVID-19 protocols require, so this is a community that has a lot of needs and not an easy way to meet them.”

Brown says she is thrilled to be able to connect individuals with the grants, programs, and resources they need to be able to function the most effective and do their job in the way that they envision.

You can contact Elizabeth Brown by sending her an email to

To see her full introductory interview, click the video below.

Elizabeth Brown will be helping connect STEM students, parents, and staff with resources designed to help those suffering from PTSD and other emotional trauma

STEM also welcomes to the team Alexander Apelt, who will be working as a Fifth-Grade Instructional Assistant.  Apelt says he is looking forward to working with both teachers and students and helping them with their needs in the classroom.

“My role here at STEM is supporting the entire fifth-grade staff with whatever help they need,” he said.  “Mostly I work in close contact with students who need additional support, and it’s mostly just one-on-one time or small group activities with any students who need the additional help with their curriculum.”

Apelt says the quality of STEM and its staff is something that really motivates him.

“I mean everyone here is just brilliant and really qualified,” Apelt pointed out.  “The kids too are also just great, they are smart kids, and it’s a great place to work.”

To see Apelt’s full introductory interview, watch the video below.

Alexander Apelt says he is thrilled to work with STEM's talented students and staff
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