STEM Welcomes New Members to the Team: Jeff Martinez and Dremi Judd

Jeff Martinez and Dremi Judd

STEM School Highlands Ranch welcomes Jeff Martinez to the team, who was hired as the new Campus Security Specialist.  Jeff’s role has a lot to do with building relationships with students and keeping the school safe.

“I’m here to try and help preserve the learning environment, make sure everyone is safe, get to know everybody, and support our SRO if anything were to happen,” he said.  “As well as just supporting teachers and building up relationships with all of the students here.”

Jeff says he loves being around students and points out that his original major out of college was in education.

“My life took a different path, but I love the energy and enthusiasm that comes from supporting educators,” he said.  “I have a chemistry background, so I love science, and it just seems like a perfect fit for me and a chance to serve the community.”

The different path that Jeff speaks of has to do with an extensive background in federal law enforcement.

“I have a couple of decades in federal law enforcement, doing about everything you can do from supporting national security events, Super Bowls, national committees on the front end and back end, sweeping buildings, or being ready to support in case something happens, undercover operations, arrests, just about everything that comes across when you think of a federal law enforcement officer,” Martinez said.  “So I’m hoping I can bring that skill set here to STEM to support that mission.”

Be sure to give Jeff a warm welcome at STEM, and to see his video interview introduction, click the link below.

Jeff Martinez brings over two decades of experience as a federal law enforcement officer to STEM

STEM also welcomes Dremi Judd as the new LSS Education Assistant.  Demi’s position is all about helping both teachers and students in the classroom.

“I help with the kids who might need a little extra help in their classes,” said Dremi.  “So I just assist the teacher so she doesn’t have to take it on all by herself.  Mostly math, reading, and writing, anywhere from Kindergarten through 5th grade.”

Dremi says working with the students is the most exciting part of the job.

“Seeing the kids’ progress and getting to know them on a more personal level,” She said.  “Because I have three or less students at a time, so I feel like I get to know more about their likes and dislikes, which helps me to be a better teacher and I just like to try and have some fun with them.”

Dremi says family plays a big role in her background and how she will apply those skills to help the students at STEM.

“My little brother is 21 and grew up with a disability, and I used to take care of him his whole life,” she pointed out.  “I think it will help me in giving more patience and special attention to the students.”

Dremi also sees her position as one that will alleviate some of the stress and workload for teachers.

“I think it will help with their kids to be more focused, and it will help my teacher, taking some off her plate as well,” she said.  “Just making it better and less on their plate in the long run.”

To see Dremi’s video introduction interview, click the link below.

Dremi Judd says her position allows her to get to know the students on a more personal level
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