STEM welcomes new members to the team: Laura Hindman and Gavin Rubin


STEM School Highlands Ranch welcomes Laura Hindman to the team as a fourth-grade Elementary Instructional Assistant.  Laura’s position plays a big role in helping STEM teachers in the classroom.

“As an IA at STEM, my job is to facilitate the students,” she said.  “Whether it’s working on projects in the classroom, working on homework assignments, or even leading small groups for reading or phonics.  Another big part of my job is helping teachers in the classroom basically with whatever it is they need, whether it’s making copies, helping with small projects, or running small groups.”

Laura said she is greatly looking forward to working with the kids and getting to know all of them.

“I feel so blessed that I get to have a hand in their educational careers, and I just know that each and every one of them will hold a special place in my heart, and that is so special to me.”

Be sure to give Laura a warm welcome here at STEM, and to see more of her introductory video interview, check it out below.

Laura Hindman says she is most excited to get to know as many students as she can at STEM.

STEM also welcomes Gavin Rubin to the team as the new high school science teacher.  Gavin is a new resident to Colorado, after having just finished college at the University of Texas at Dallas.

“As a new physics teacher, I run three different classes, regular physics, AP, and APC.  That means I’m going to be going through all levels of physics and how to apply physics to modern-day problems,” he said.  “I’m excited to take kids into the world of physics, I think physics makes the world a much more interesting place, I think it makes the world a beautiful place.  And I can’t think of anything I would rather do with my day than to share that with someone else.”

Additionally, Gavin says he is looking forward to exploring the Colorado mountains.  Be sure to welcome Gavin to the STEM community, and to see more of his introductory interview, check out the video below.

Gavin says he can't think of anything more exciting than sharing the world of physics with his students.
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