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Thanks to the transformative power of two STEM parent leaders, PTO is taking a leading role in getting our families back into full participation. Heidi Peterson and Jeanie Brevoort have been long-serving STEM parents in many roles and as 2021-22 PTO co-presidents, they have set specific goals.

  • Build community.
  • Raise funds to support teachers to support your students.
  • Sponsor a variety of fun events.

Blast Off two weeks ago was a blast! The event, once hosted in the park, was set up next to the playing field at STEM. Staff, students, their families, and I enjoyed the many events and food offerings. Music added to the festivities on this sunny Colorado Friday afternoon. Thank you, PTO for the tremendous planning that went into this successful event.

The Pirates Cove event at the beginning of the year had twice the turnout expected with over 500 in attendance. The STEM community is ready to make the effort to show up in person and fully participate.

I would like for all of us to do our part by supporting their annual fundraiser, STEM Gives! Your gift directly impacts the quality of education your child receives in the form of teacher grants. Teachers love to innovate and their ideas often require specific resources that go beyond the department budget. STEM Gives! supports teacher grants to provide the extras that make your student’s experience so much richer than can possibly be expected with current funding. You can see some examples of past grants via the feature video below that we did last year.

STEM remains one of the lowest funded public schools in the country and one of the lowest in a low-funded state. Urban and rural schools are funded higher than suburban schools in Colorado. DCSD charter schools must pay the district over 5% and also pay for their own facility. All schools in Colorado are funded far below the national average. STEM does so much with so little.

PTO co-presidents are boldly leading and they have a whole team of dedicated STEM parent volunteers. The entire STEM community is grateful for PTO’s leadership.

Please do your part by helping us reach 100% parent participation. A gift of any size makes a difference.

Happy October,

P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

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