Student-Driven UBTECH Learning Collaboration

In late May 2019, a company based in Los Angeles reached out to STEM School Highlands Ranch to offer their support.
What if a robotics collaboration addressed collaboration, kindness, and the joy of learning that comes from hands-on, real-world experiences?
UBTECH was willing to not only provide the robotic kits, they also agreed to provide the support and time with their engineers that students and teachers so desperately need. 


Mike Shallenberger, our lead STEM School Engineering Teacher, Director of P-TECH (Mechatronics), and innovator in urban/rural partnerships offered to help a select a group of his advanced high school engineering students to facilitate a collaboration with students from our rural partner schools.


Rural Partners


Lone Star School

Cheyenne Wells





Above is Lillian, Abby, and Noah in a ZOOM meeting with Aaron (UBTECH engineer) and Craig Gill (UBTECH Educational Partnerships).


The proposal, developed in meetings with Jeff Gordon and Craig Gill from UBTECH, a few rural schools, and our engineering partners involved 15 UKIT Intermediate​ Kits.


Having STEM school students facilitate the collaboration has resulted in a culture of caring that empowers all students. 


This is incredible.  The only complaint I have is that I do not get to play.😋 

Thanks to you all for putting in so much effort. 


                            — Craig Parker (Lone Star School Teacher)



UBTECH Zoom Meeting

Below are some videos of Lillian and Noah from STEM meeting Manzanola MS students for the first time.  BTW – They build their robots in one session.  WOW!



“I am inspired by the level of innovation at the STEM School as seen by both the teachers and students. The dedication to STEM at all grade levels is truly inspirational. UBTECH is very proud to be partners with this leader in innovation!” 

                                                              – Rusty Nye|Education Implementation Manager  – North America


UBTECH Manzanoloa 1Manzanola 3Manzanola 2

Students from Manzanola

Manzanola HS



This has been amazing for us. The kids come in at lunch and try to improve on their ideas. I am so glad that our school was contacted and that we said yes!! Thank you.


                           – Dee James (Ouray Teacher)



UBTECH Education is so blessed to be partnering with you, your kids, and the program in general to honor Kendrick and the culture you all have built at STEM School.


                   – Craig Gill and Jeff Gordon (UBTECH)

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