Carlos Goncalves

My Bio

Carlos Goncalves joined STEM School Highlands Ranch in September of 2023 as a Secondary Computer Science Teacher. He holds a master’s degree in Medical Electronics and has earned a Ph.D. in Project Design and Development. With a comprehensive background in Biomedical Engineering and extensive proficiency in overseeing healthcare projects, Carlos Goncalves has not only authored peer-reviewed papers but also secured patents for innovative medical products.

Driven by a fervor for education, Carlos initiated his journey as an educator by teaching design classes at the Colorado School of Mines in 2022. Backed by a robust grasp of both computer science and pedagogy, his classroom transforms into a dynamic center where the enchantment of coding is brought to life through immersive projects, engaging challenges, and collaborative exercises in creative troubleshooting.

During his free time, Carlos finds joy in reading, exploring new destinations through travel, embarking on hikes that connect him with nature, and playing soccer.

My Favorite Things

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