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Gregg Cannady

Dr Gregg Cannady

Gregg Cannady

Hello, my name is Gregg Cannady. I received a B.A. in Music Education from Colorado State University, a M.A. in Music Education from the University of Wyoming and a D.M.A. in Choral Conducting and Literature from the University of Colorado.

I have conducted numerous high school choirs as well as the University of Colorado Women’s Ensemble and University Singers. I have also have worked in North Carolina as Director of Choral Activities and Applied Voice at Mount Olive College and have been the Chorus Master for the Boulder Bach Festival. Choral ensembles under my direction have performed at several state and national conferences and have toured extensively in the United States, China, Italy and Germany.

I developed a music education curriculum using digital applications such as Ableton 9, PUSH, AudioCubes and the music composition software Sibelius. I have presented workshops to music educators at state and national music conferences. It is the application of digital music production and technology combined with traditional, classical and world music that we hope to develop at STEM School Highlands Ranch.

I am currently working on STEM School Collaboration and Concept Development. We hope to make a difference by supporting engaged learning, STEM-infused collaborations, industry partnerships and connecting teachers in real-time synchronous learning. We believe that teachers are the experts who facilitate the infinite potential of students collaborating together to solve problems and increase learning.


Our students and teachers at STEM School Highlands Ranch recognize the need to pull together as a community for the good of all students.
In order to do this, we are seeking industry and community partners.  We hope the ships we build can support all students in meaningful ways.
Partnerships, Friendships, Mentorships,
Internships, Relationships, Sponsorships
We are asking you to help us update our list and identify what level of participation best fits your passion and availability.   If you are receiving this request and know of an industry or community partner that would be a great resource, please feel free to forward this to them.
Involvement at any level will be much appreciated. Opportunities to inspire and inform students can be:
  • Subject matter expert advice for students and teachers
  • Teachers and/or students visit your business
  • Presentations to a class
  • Career shadowing
  • STEM Career Mentor Program
Please provide your information in the link below.
Vision: Students who are connected to an entire community feel supported and will thrive in joyful learning opportunities.
Mission: We are inviting industry, community, and businesses to join us in making sure every student has the kind the ships that promote kindness, readiness for future careers, and passion for infinite opportunities to help humanity.
Legacy: Kendrick was the ultimate example of a joyful learner.  He did this with the help of his teachers, other students, industry partners, and a community that fosters his love for life and learning.  He was the kind of student that wanted other students to experience the miracle of learning and the joy of discovery and innovation. One way to honor his legacy is to make sure every child has the same opportunity.
THE SYNK is a synchronous learning environment that we have developed at STEM School Highlands Ranch. Our approach is based upon an online connection that goes well beyond traditional online courses. We connect learners in real time, solving problems together using a STEM-infused experiential problem-based learning approach supported by technologies that serve this two-way collaboration.
In this environment, the walls that confine traditional schools are eliminated. Students are able to collaborate in real time with infinite learning partners. We are working to transform learning by breaking down barriers and allowing learning to occur anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

University of Colorado Chamber Orchestra Rehearsal

University Singers, CU (2004)

Rocky Mountain Singers (2005)

Rocky Mountain HS (2007)

Southern Hills MS (2000)

Roseburg HS (1995)