Headshot of Nicole Walbek

Nicole Walbek

My Bio

Nicole Walbek joined STEM in September 2019 as a secondary chemistry teacher. She has taught high school chemistry, astronomy, and AP chemistry during her time at STEM.

Before becoming a teacher, Nicole worked as an analytical chemist for a pharmaceutical company and a cosmetic company. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Environmental Science both from the University of Colorado Denver.

She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, camping, fishing and reading.

My Favorite Things

Favorite Starbucks Drink or Snack: White chocolate mocha, cinnamon dolce frap.

Favorite Snacks: Cashews, cookies, fruit, cheesy crackers

Favorite Places to Eat: White Chocolate Grill, La Loma

Favorite Drinks: Plain sparkling water, cherry Pepsi, lemonade

Favorite Place to Shop: Amazon, REI, Park Meadows

Hobbies: Hiking, rock climbing, camping, fishing, working out, reading

Favorite Colors: blues, pinks, purples