Robert Hoornstra

Robert Hoornstra

My Bio

Robert Hoornstra has served as the Chief Operating Officer of STEM School Highlands Ranch since 2016. Robert joined STEM School from Adams 12 Five Star Schools with over 38 years of construction excellence, facilities management, and operational expertise at the institutional level. Robert’s experience was sought after by STEM to navigate and correct a multitude of operational issues and a vast array of property concerns requiring higher level knowledge and functionality directed towards the safety and education environment of large student populations.

Robert’s educational background began with working and taking classes at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He found a way to manage the CU Facilities carpentry and cabinet shops while attending daytime classes before moving on to corporate life with Storage Technology Corporation, a 2.2 billion dollar company manufacturing storage devices for large corporate main frame computing departments worldwide. After 13 years of this determined form of study, Robert earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with dual majors in personnel / human resource management and organizational change management. Robert attended Colorado State University and earned a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development.

Some of the most relevant educational opportunities came from the 10 years at StorageTek and corporate life. Some previously notable recognition are as follows:

  • 1991 Governor of Colorado recognition as the first site to convert Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) chillers to environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • STK Project Manager for a $14m, 553,000 square foot, 1-year industrial expansion project
  • 1995 North American Efficient Building Award-winning site/manager for building automation
  • Established Facilities for energy conservation program with the City of Longmont and StorageTek
  • 1996 Inductee into the international Who’s Who of Professional Management Organization
  • I.S.O. 9001 Quality Manufacturing Process internal audit positive assessment recommendation five years running.

Along with these achievements, Robert has had a positive impact on STEM School by completing project improvements such as:

  • Completing the first K-1 playground in 2017
  • Created two functional driveline loops for an improved Transportation Management Plan in Douglas County
  • Completed a first STEM Playfield Project in 2019
  • Implemented the second in-state Pik-My-Kid student dismissal software platform
  • Current Project Manager for the Building Addition & CHSSA Gym at STEM School

Robert has a formidable dedication to customer satisfaction while committing to achieving excellence. Robert interacts well vertically with stakeholders, staff members, architects, construction companies, as well as the community we serve. Robert is fearless in confronting any situation he feels is less than standard. Robert always hopes to project comprehensive services to STEM needs in the school throughout the day and year. It’s about students and supporting those who teach the students.