Shan Neuman

Shan Neuman

My Bio

My name is Shan Neuman. I am teaching Elementary Chinese at our school. This is my 5th Year at STEM School Highlands Ranch.
I enjoy working at STEM school highlands Ranch. I enjoy sharing my own culture and language with all of my students. I have the best student in the whole world. They are smart, respectful, and caring. I am very proud to be their teacher.

Something about me, I grow up in China. I came to the USA in 2009. My major was in Business but I am so impressed by American Education. It is so different than the way I grow up when I was little in China. So I want to become the best teacher and bring joy and fun to students’ learning journey.

My philosophy of teaching is students enjoy learning. Learning is a life-long journey. They have a long way to go before they graduate from college. My goal is to help students to enjoy learning new languages and to explore the culture behind the language. Interests are the best teacher. I am trying to make my class fun and enjoyable for all of my students. We are playing games, singing songs, and doing a lot of hands-on activities.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

My Favorite Things

Favorite Starbucks Drink or Snack: Mango Dragonfruit Tea

Favorite Snacks: Milk Chocolate

Favorite Places to Eat: Chick-fila-a

Favorite Drinks: Somewhere has Boba Tea

Favorite Place to Shop: Disney Store

Hobbies: Go to fun places with my family.

Favorite Colors: Pink (light Pink or Hot Pink)