The Importance of Communications at STEM

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How do you access information from STEM School Highlands Ranch? We understand that your life is endlessly complicated and filled with a barrage of information. Many of our STEM parents are balancing multiple schedules, work and home demands, virtual-education partnerships and trying to take care of themselves and their children. It can be overwhelming.

Communication is a simple concept yet a complicated process. How to get what you need when you need it and in the format you prefer? STEM uses multiple channels in an attempt to best meet the needs of our staff and community.

Our primary methods of communication are:

  • Weekly newsletters to staff, students and parents
  • STEM School Highlands Ranch Facebook
  • STEM School Highlands Ranch Twitter
  • STEM School Highlands Ranch Instagram
  • Parent Coffees and Student Forums (now virtual)

(Back in September, our Building Parent Trust Committee included a survey in our Parent Newsletter. I encourage you to take a look at those results here)

Keeping what is communicated accurate and curated to maximize effectiveness is a constant challenge. Our Communications Director, Nicole Bostel, leads this massive effort by working closely with STEM’s Leadership Team and the STEM Board of Directors. Added to the complexity, STEM also communicates with almost 200 employees. Any misstep in communication with either audience can lead to confusion and ineffective use of resources as we seek accuracy.

STEM has a formal published Communications Pathway. Communicating the pathway is its own challenge. It is published on the STEM webpage and in the Student/Parent Handbook as well as the Staff Handbook.

To this effort to maximize effective communication, STEM is adding another resource of a Communications Manager to assist with internal and external communications. Working through the Transition Plan, it was noted how much time administrators were spending in communications to their population served. By removing this responsibility, our Leadership Team can focus on teacher and student needs.

Like the White House Press Secretary and official spokespersons for districts and corporations, communications does not create the content but refines the complexities to best land the right message in the right format at the right time so you, our STEM families, feel informed at all times.

The collaboration between STEM and our community is so important and I encourage you to reach out to our communications team with any questions that you may have. Working together can help quell rumors and inaccuracies early, that can sometimes arise and shift the focus away from our students’ and staff’s achievements.

Let us know how we’re doing meeting your family’s communications needs using the STEM Feedback Form. If we are missing the mark, please tell us specific ways on how we can improve.

Happy Halloween!

P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

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