Team Policies

I. Attendance at Practices and Meets

  • Athletes are required to be at all meets and practices
  • Unexcused absences from practices/meets will result in removal from the team. (1st-warning, 2nd-suspended 1 meet, 3rd-removed from team)
  • Excused absences are : DR. Appointments, home sick from school, family emergency, SAT/ACT Tests (not test prep classes). College Visits (Juniors/Seniors only)
  • Excused absences MUST be communicated to Coach Smith prior to the absence.
  • Showing up late for practices/meets or leaving early, is the same as unexcused absences. (unless prior arrangements have been made with Coach Smith)

II. Meet Day Expectations:

For the 2022 season, All athletes will need to provide their own transportation to and from meets.

  • All athletes are expected to wear STEM team apparel to all meets. (All athletes can either purchase STEM Track and Field apparel through the spirit pack.
  • The following items are not allowed at meets: Footballs, Frisbees, HackySacks, etc.
  • Great Sportsmanship is expected! Remember ” When you lose, say little, when you win, say less.” You represent STEM and need to do so in a classy manner.
  • Event Selection – The STEM Track and Field Coaching Staff makes the “final decision” on which events athletes compete in. These decisions, first and foremost, are based on how every athlete can best contribute to the overall success of the team. Athletes who pull out of an event without prior approval from a coach, or refuse to compete, will be suspended for the next meet. The second occurrence will result in removal from the STEM Track and Field team.
  • Outside Competition – Athletes are not allowed to compete in outside meets during the CHSSA Official Season unless prior approval has been given by the Head Coach and School Principal. Approval will be only for a National Level High School Meet in which the athlete has met a National qualifying standard that ranks them as one of the top HS athletes in the country in their event.

III. Injuries and Training Room

We do our best to make sure athletes avoid injuries, however, injuries still take place. Below is the policy that all athletes must follow:

  • When you are injured, you must still attend practice.
  • Athletes do not decide whether they are injured. Certified doctors or athletic trainers will make that diagnosis and will determine if they can practice or compete per district policy.
  • You are still required to attend all meets if you are injured so you can support your teammates.
  • Once an athlete is “100% medically” cleared for practice, they will follow training/competition policies of the STEM coaching staff.
  • Athletes must be able to complete a full week of “injury free” training in order to be allowed to compete in that week’s meet.

IV. Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol

  • The use of these substances by any member of the team will result in removal from the team.

V. Academics

  • Academic eligibility is done weekly. Any athlete ineligible per CHSAA rules (Must pass 5 classes minimum), will not be allowed to practice until they become eligible.

VI. Weather Conditions

  • Weather conditions can be quite extreme during the spring. If there is lightning or extreme snow, the trainer and coaching will decide if it is safe to practice outside. If not, we will practice indoors. Unless the school is canceled, WE WILL ALWAYS HOLD PRACTICE!!

VII. Lettering

Lettering/Participation Standards

  • To earn a Varsity Letter for STEM Track and Field, an athlete must meet at least one of the criteria listed below: First and foremost meet all attendance requirements at practices and meets as stated under the STEM Team Policies.
    • Set a Varsity School Record (as an individual)
    • Successfully complete 4 Track seasons at STEM
    • Score 10 or more points in varsity meets throughout the season.
    • Finish the season in good standing with the STEM Coaching Staff
      Earn a letter at the Coaching Staff’s discretion
    • Meet or exceed the following standards in a Varsity State Qualifying Meet:
EVENT Boys Girls
100 Meters 11.90 13.80
200 Meters 24.50 28.50
400 Meters 54.50 65.00
800 Meters 2:09.0 2:35.0
1600 Meters 4:58.0 5:59.0
3200 Meters 10:55.0 13:00.0
110 Hurdles 17.50
100 Hurdles 17.90
300 Hurdles 46.00 53.00
Shot Put 39’0″ 29’0″
Discuss 110’0″ 90’0″
Long Jump 19’0″ 14’0″
Triple Jump 38’0″ 30’0″
High Jump 5’8″ 4’8″

To earn a Certificate of Participation an athlete must meet the criteria below:

  1. Meet all the attendance requirements as stated in the STEM Track and Field Team Polices
  2. Finish in good standing with the STEM Coaching Staff.
  3. Provisions will be allowed for athletes who become injured