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STEM School Highlands Ranch is closely monitoring school opening plans throughout the Metro area and in other states. After careful consideration of many factors, the start of school will be delayed to match the delayed start for Douglas County School District on Monday, August 17. Secondary students (grades 6-12) will have virtual days on Thursday, August 13 and Friday, August 14. 

STEM is prepared for the return of students with stepped up protocols. What we cannot control, and no school can control, is the presence of asymptomatic students and adults. We can, and will use the best possible cleaning practices, personal protection equipment, isolate symptomatic students and staff and minimize mixing of students by forming cohorts where applicable. 

These are now in place for physical safety:

  1. Face shields for each student and staff to be used in accordance with any state and local PPE mandates – will need disinfecting at home each evening.
  2. Masks abundantly available but we hope students will wear one from home each day. 
  3. Full-time custodian (in addition to our regular custodial staff) to disinfect high-touch areas throughout the school daily. 
  4. Specialized equipment to eliminate virtually all pathogens each evening.
  5. Cohorts (where applicable) formed and will be adapted for carpool requests to the best of abilities.

The academic plan:

  1. Students can select between in-person, virtual and hybrid. To view the draft of the three academic plans, please click here. Additionally, once you’ve reviewed the options, please provide us with your student’s learning preference using this Feedback form. (if you have already submitted your preference to Stephanie Webb, please resubmit using the form below)
  2. Instruction will incorporate formative assessments and adaptive lessons.
  3. Grading will be based on acquisition of lesson objectives.

STEM attracts academically ambitious students which includes students in need of specific support. Finding the right balance between rigor, choice and opportunity to accelerate learning remains a topic of constant discussion. Delivering required supports in a flexed environment requires massive planning and coordination. Communication between our students, their families and providers will be critical for success. 

This remains a tremendously stressful time for everyone. Partnering with your family to best support the academic needs of your student(s), while not adding unnecessary stress is our goal. 

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