Veterans’ Day 2021 at STEM

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STEM honors veterans in our community. We are fortunate to have many veterans within our staff as well as our families. Military service is the ultimate expression of sacrifice for others. This day is to honor those who have chosen to defend our country. STEM is proud to recognize staff members, families, and those in our community.

In addition to our extended STEM family of veterans on staff, STEM welcomed community veterans into our school this week for a variety of activities. Students were able to ask questions and get to know our staff and volunteers’ stories. Newly hired Replication and Compliance Officer Dr. Carletta Stewart reflected on the third-grade class she visited on Thursday. She mused how the third-grade students were attempting to calculate her age adding her 21 years of service plus her years as a doctoral student. Only at STEM!

Next week the Secondary Social Studies team will be hosting veterans to visit with classes. This long tradition at STEM is special to all of us. Many generations of veterans visit with each other in the two break rooms set up as hospitality centers with coffee, breakfast, and lunch. A few years ago, a WWII veteran told our students he was in High School when the news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor came over the radio. He enlisted the next day and said he would report to duty now if asked. Many of us had to wipe away tears seeing his enduring patriotism.

To all of our veterans on staff at STEM, in our extended families and in our community, we are grateful for your service defending our country.

Enjoy your weekend,

P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

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