Volunteering at STEM: How you can give back even during COVID

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STEM, like many schools and especially charters, rely on parent volunteers to support our teachers and staff with the daily operations of the school. STEM’s volunteer ask of our parents is 30 hours per year and in normal years, there are a myriad of opportunities to fulfill this requirement such as supervising dances, assisting in the K-5 classroom, lunchroom help, and driveline.

This year, due to COVID, access to the school was limited to employees and students only, leaving very few volunteer opportunities to fulfill the volunteer hours. Driveline is always a high need. In fact, STEM awards double hours for this high-need area.

Donations are another way to fulfill the volunteer hour requirement. Parents sometimes prefer to make a donation because their schedule may not permit them the extra time to help in-person. To account for that, we’ve set a donation amount of $20 per one hour of time as an alternative to meeting the volunteer-hour obligation.

So many of our families are in an extremely high-stress environment coping with the extra demands of our current new normal. Others have stepped up to fill the gaps for those unable to meet the volunteer hours. One STEM dad comes to mind as I reflect on our most reliable volunteers.

With his permission, we will feature him in a later edition. He has been an anchor on our Secondary driveline team throughout this school year. In fact, those who work the driveline ponder how morning drivelines could have been accomplished without his dedication. He is truly a STEM model of volunteer service.

Kathy Reid is our all-star Volunteer Coordinator and Office Manager. She posts never-ending opportunities for volunteer hours and needed donations. So many answer her call with abundance. Our teachers request instructional supplies as well as comfort snacks to get them through the day. Whatever the request, you respond and for that I thank you. It inspires all of us at STEM when we see your willing partnership.

We only have a few months left before we break for summer and we still have a number of areas where families can serve or donate. Please consider what your family can contribute with time or donations. To our many families who managed to go far beyond the 30-hour requirement, thank you. STEM is filled with gratitude.

The partnership between school and home builds a strong bond that supports your child’s success. We are all in this together with the goal of maximizing every child’s human potential. Every volunteer hour or donation adds to the collective success of STEM.

Happy Easter to our families who celebrate this holiday,

P.J. Eucker PhD
Executive Director

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