VR in Engineering

Recent collaborations with Darin Bolthouse from Lockheed Martin’s CHIL (Collaborative Immersive Human Laboratory) has inspired our students and teachers to use what we are learning about virtual reality in engineering to become innovators in the use of VR for multiple grades and subjects.  

Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory logo

  Here is a LINK to the CHIL.    We believe that what we are learning about how the aerospace industry uses virtual reality in engineering can be used to create custom applications for student CAD models and other projects for almost any grade and any subject. Imagine being able to jump into your design or project.   

Teacher testing out VR

  We have already used proprietary Lockheed Martin software to load student projects. Designing and implementing our own software will be one of the next steps. This takes us from consumers of VR curriculum to the creators of infinite applications for the future of learning.    Current applications of VR in engineering include:

  1. Digital Design Review
  2. First Article Assembly
  3. Human Factors Engineering
  4. Failure Analysis Investigations

The power of THE SYNK means that we can establish a STEM network that can be distributed across multiple schools, industries, and subject matter experts who can create a design, pull it into a VR environment, and then collaborate in those VR environments.      PULSAR is a new facility at Lockheed Martin designed to be an Immersive Collaborative Environment. The goal of PULSAR will be similar to THE SYNK as a space for virtual collaboration, teleconferencing, screen sharing, video teleconferencing (VTC), interactive whiteboards, augmented reality and virtual reality.      Student PerspectivesIt is amazing to see how VR and AR are used in engineering applications at Lockheed Martin, including design processes and troubleshooting.  Viewing this technology firsthand has opened my eyes and stimulated many thoughts on how this technology can be used.       ~ Ian

Student testing out VR

                                We hope that our collaborations with Lockheed Martin become the norm in education.    “Solving the Unknown”

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