Yes . . . There Was Chemistry

Yes. . . There Was Chemistry

Ukraine to Colorado

Feb. 7, 2019

STEM Students in CO

Even though the weather kept STEM School Highlands Ranch from coming to school, we were able to connect teachers and to students in Colorado to those in the Ukraine.

Ukraine Students


STEM School Highlands Ranch teachers Simi Basu and Kathy Dwyer were able to attend a ZOOM meeting as our friends form the Ukraine shared knowledge and their scientific process.


Zoom meeting


The plot thickened and became quite colorful as ideas flowed from one country to another.



We look forward to the next steps as we hope to connect cosmetic industries in Colorado to the dreams of our students and the collaborating students in the Ukraine.


Please visit the “Upcoming Collaborations” menu on THE SYNK website for next phase of this exciting project.


Student Perspective:

Interacting with students that have specialized knowledge in science and cosmetic field greatly helped me understand what we were doing. It was fun to see the experiments they have done and why they want to continue their research. It was COOL how the information that was shown could be connected back to what I have already learned.


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